Key to Clay

There's always been a (hidden) artist inside of me yet it hadn't been awakened until recently.

Sometimes I would draw here and there or create this or that and while it was fun, I never stuck to any of my artsy projects.

However, one day I received a request from a family member to make a "clay person" engaging in their favorite sport as a cake topper. At first I thought, "er, okay .." but didn't put much thought to it and played a bit with some clay to form what they had requested.

After enjoying the experience and idea so much to sculpt clay into people or even creatures, I wanted to indulge further...

I bought more clay, better clay and started watching tutorials and reading how-to books.

Next I bought tools and started the process of sculpting things like mummies and figurines.

Now I'm here to sell my creations and I hope the happiness I had while creating them, is the happiness they can bring their buyers (and viewers) :)

Looking for a custom order? Have an idea you want as a sculpture..? Please contact me:

Thanks for your interest!

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